Friday, March 23, 2012

BLOODSPORT 8! Choose Your Own Adventure

OOOHHHH, hello everyone! We're back doing the Bloodsports after the 2 week break! Dan and I took some time to think over the best of the bloodsports and have come up with a pretty good amount of new ideas. The next Challenges should be awesome, I know we're both looking forward to them.

This next challenge is the Choose Your Own Adventure challenge! You have 3 choices from our 3 properties!

We want to stress that you can either stick to the idea 100% or do whatever you want with the NAME and KEY elements.

So, with that being said, here are your 3 choices!

Shazaar - Overweight Wizard

Optional - He is in constant battle with Diabehdeez - Ancient demon lord. This battle is internal as well.

KEY ELEMENTS - Fantasy, Overweight, CANNOT be Elderly 

Maxx Marnsten 2099 - 'The ladies love him... But he'd rather be alone'**

*For example - Avoids women because... Robot, Gay, Penis blown off in space war, wife died, etc. <3

KEY ELEMENTS - Futuristic, Scifi

Wolf Blitzer - Full Moon Quarterback

We'll be doing these from time to time, re purposing famous people names for good things - Should not be actual Wolf Blitzer the CNN dude at all.

KEY ELEMENTS - Football player, Werewolf


- MUST contain background!

- MUST include studies done to be eligible to enter! Poses, materials, reference studies, lighting, compositions, etc.

Deadline: 5pm est, Friday, April 6th via 

Please send submissions to -

Share your process with the group! - Crimson Daggers Forum!

Top 3 entries will receive live crits (via Crimson Daggers Dave Rapoza Livestream banner link above) from some kinda hot industry professionals!

Watch live streaming video from fuckinartwithmrdelicious at


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