Friday, December 30, 2011


Bloodsport 3: GAUNTLET!

Created by: Daniel Warren

Winner! Mike Azevedo(PKMike)!


 - ALL FOUR original gauntlet characters must be present WITH respective weapons!

 - image must be designed as a cover, formatted to a vertical rectangle, with a well thought, eye catching composition.

 - Studies pertaining to finished illustration MUST be shown with the piece in order to be eligible to win. Studies MUST include compositional comps and thumbnails

 - Studies must be relevant to the character design and elements used in the illustration. 

Challenge is to redesign the cover for the original 'GAUNTLET' video game! all four characters must be present with their respective weapons. they are:

THOR- a male warrior using an AXE
THYRA- a female warrior  (valkyrie) using a SWORD
MERLIN- a male wizard using MAGIC
QUESTOR, a male ELF using a BOW

Have fun with this challenge and try to BE ORIGINAL! these character archetypes have been done thousands of times- your challenge is to make them your own, and bring a unique flavor to a tried and true fantasy genre.

video of the game for those unfamiliar can be found below. contains all original character art.

Deadline: 1pm est, Friday, January 13th via

Top 3 entries will receive live crits (via Daniels Danger Room banner link above) from some kinda hot industry professionals!


  1. Congrats to PkMike, you have raised the bar...the image looks awesome in every aspect. Keep UP!

  2. Hey Dave/Dan,

    I think'd it'd be awesome if there was somewhere where everybody's entries/studies is posted to check them out. (Maybe there is and I'm too stupid to find it).

    - Jason


  3. Get Medieval ! I wanna play the new real Gauntlet (not legends)