Friday, January 13, 2012


BLOODSPORT 4 - Action Figure Packaging!

Winner! John Silva!

Created by: Dave Rapoza

Examples!(You cant use these properties! just examples of other packaging!)

Examples!(You cant use these properties! just examples of other packaging!)

Use these logos on your packaging! Feel free to modify them if you need to regarding final products design.(OPEN IN NEW TAB, SAVE AS .PNG!)

Provided Properties! You must choose from one of these, its up to you to make them cool(thats the challenge)!


 - Must create a composition that includes space for the actual TOY!(you do not need to draw the figure itself, just the illustration of the figure on the package)

 - Must use one of our THREE PROPERTIES! Character must represent the property in some way!

- Must use provided template although you can feel free to modify it with your own designs(cut into the package, etc.) IF you're doing something more like a 2 pack character feel free to do so.

 - Studies pertaining to finished illustration MUST be shown with the piece in order to be eligible to win. Studies MUST include compositional comps and thumbnails

 - Studies must be relevant to the character design and elements used in the illustration. 

This challenge is to design a Action figure package using the provided template and logos. The character must represent your chosen property, feel free to interpret them any way you like, we want you to have fun with this! If you want to include little additional text about what it can do all action packed like feel free. 

Deadline: 5pm est, Friday, January 27th via

Top 3 entries will receive live crits (via Crimson Daggers Dave Rapoza Livestream banner link above) from some kinda hot industry professionals!

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