Friday, January 27, 2012


BLOODSPORT 5 - Miyazaki Re-Marketed!

Created by: Dan Warren


 - Must create a composition that works as a DVD cover AS WELL as a POSTER. format should be a VERTICAL RECTANGLE similar to the gauntlet piece. include space for the title and credits, tho including them IS NOT required. 

 - Must use one of Miyazaki's 9 canon films. they are listed below! 

- Images must include a MINIMUM of ONE CHARACTER. feel free to add more! image MUST also include an ENVIRONMENT or ELEMENTS  of an environment! no single shot portraits!

 -character designs MUST be relative to the look and feel of the movie chosen! feel free to make alterations to small details or expand on vague elements, but no total costume overhauls! no genre mixing! stick to the films visual feel!

 - Studies must be provided and must be relevant to the character design and elements used in the illustration. COMPOSITIONAL SKETCHES are also REQUIRED with studies in order to be eligible!

LASTLY! Images must be in a visual style that IS NOT ANIME! Images sent that are will be disqualified!

This challenge is all about an increasing trend in today's MOVIE MARKET! the challenge is to take an already developed and proven IP from a froeign market and reimagine it for another audience. which audience that may be is up to you! whether you are taking a more serious miyazaki plot and pushing it to full realism or making one of his more whimsical stories even m ore childish is entirely your choice, just keep in mind that because the point here is to REIMAGINE and get your visual translattion skills going, so NO ANIME! this would result in images for a market the film is already a major part of. were looking for new and exciting takes on some of the most influential animated films of all time, not fanart rehashes of movie stills! feel free to use ANY of the 9 films in Miyazaki's core Canon. films outside this list will not be eligible to win. they are-

Deadline: 5pm est, Friday, Febuary 10th via 

Please send submissions to -

Share your process with the group! - Crimson Daggers Forum!

Top 3 entries will receive live crits (via Crimson Daggers Dave Rapoza Livestream banner link above) from some kinda hot industry professionals!


  1. Excited about this one, Dan! I love all of these films; it'll be tough to pick one. Also trying to reimagine it for another audience is a great challenge!

  2. it'll give me another excuse to re-watch Porco Rosso for the 12788973th time.not that any excuse is needed for such a great movie.

  3. Awesome!My favourite was howls and mononoke!